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3 June 2016

Dressed to the Max

I was recently invited to go out with a group of friends for a Saturday afternoon jaunt.  We are talking cocktails in the afternoon in the city, dinner somewhere fabulous, more cocktails in the evening. Right up my street.

But my second thought after replying hell yes is "What am I going to wear?".

A posh part of the city, later afternoon to early (or more likely late) evening; comfortable enough to deal with the hour's travel there and back; stylish enough to work as an evening outfit, casual enough not to look overdressed at 3.00pm.

My decision?  A maxi dress.  A maxi dress can and does tick all the right boxes for what I want.  Here are a few that I have been looking at.

I am loving this Braintree Dress  It just screams Summer and can be worn with either flats or heels.  I particularly love the waist detailing and at £60.00, it won't break the bank.

OK.  I admit it,  This dress is not on brief at all.  But just look at it.  This piece of gorgeousness can be found from Maiocci and it is an absolute steal at £59.40.

Another flower print dress, you know how I love them.  Although beautiful, I think this one is leaning more to the formal side than the casual.  Although I may keep this mind for any Summer weddings.  You can find it here on sale for £62.30.

You cannot go wrong with black and white and I love the Aztec feel of this dress.  It is priced at a very reasonable £34.50 and you can find it at the House of Fraser 

So, which one should I pick?