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9 February 2012

The Sign on your Head

They say that the first impression is the one that sticks in your mind.  Everyone says you shouldn’t do it, hence the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” saying.  But everyone does, be it subconsciously or knowingly.

The way you judge someone on first impressions isn’t just about looks.  It is the aura that they give out.  Confident, shy, awkward, outgoing.  You can see a glimpse of what someone is like in those first few minutes, or can you?

Because not everyone is able to make a good first impression.  That doesn’t mean that the person you meet isn’t going to be someone great, they just aren’t comfortable in first time meeting scenarios.

Myself for example.  I don’t make a good first impression.  I’m shy, awkward, say things that don’t make sense and wary.  That’s just with women.  With men, double the wary, double the shy and apparently, accordingly to male friends I have, I have a “fuck off” sign invisibly stamped to my head.

Maybe this is why I'm single

When you actually get to know me, after that first meeting, I am nice (usually), sociable, sometimes funny and occasionally a bit mad.  I haven’t been able to escape that “first impression” I give over the years, but now, I think screw it. 

If someone is going to judge me on a first impression, they really aren’t worth knowing in the first place.

So sod it.  Apologies by the way for the sullen photo.  But I needed something with my forehead on and this was the only thing I had.  Honest.  Wasn't trying a moody sexy pose thing at all.  Hangs head in shame.  Oh god.

*Edit     Holy shit!  I never noticed before, my eyebrows are wonky!  Who knew!