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28 February 2013

Where the Heart Lies

The off period of Formula One has seemed to be extra long this time.   Thankfully if you are on Twitter at least, there have been continuing updates and in the case of Lotus, a constant stream of entertainment and fun for the fans.

People either get F1 or they don’t.  But if you love it, it becomes a part of your heart.  For me, it is the love of the sport first and foremost, with supporting teams and drivers coming after.

I started my love of F1 very late (gnashes teeth).  Jenson Button in his 2009 season was the start of my viewing and my love of JB has stuck with me.  Everyone else in the sport has been harder to place, both teams and driver, although who I disliked has remained pretty constant.  Vettel & Maldonaldo, I’m looking at you.

My favourite team has at last been settled in my head.  I have always cheered for McLaren in previous years, but only for the fact that JB was in the team.  But McLaren has never set right in my heart.  My heart was taken by Lotus F1 Team in the past season.

Their fan interaction, both off and on season, the constant updates and photographs is what does it for me, as well as creating a race winning car and letting Kimi say and do exactly what he wants.  I would have loved them alone for the "#ImSexyandIKnowIt on Kimi’s car in winter testing. 

When it comes to the drivers, I have a few favourites, for different reasons.

Jenson for his warmth, his amazing driving and the fact that his winning year was also my first as a fan.

Webber as he says what he thinks, when he can get away with it.  I still think he would have been better at McLaren than Red Bull this season though.

Kimi – Two words.  Team Radio.  Enough said.

The last driver who entered my heart was a surprise, because it’s be fair here, he’s a bit of git.  But it’s Fernando Alonso.   He went up in my estimation when he joined Twitter and was sharing with his photographs and humour. 

The thing that sticks with me however is that you cannot deny that he drives the wheels off any car they give him.  I believe he was right when he said in one interview that he wasn’t racing Sebastian Vettel, he was racing Adrian Newey.  Vettel is no match for Alonso.

He is the person I want to win the driver’s championship this year as I truly believe that he was robbed last year.

You’ll notice that I haven’t mentioned Lewis Hamilton.  The truth is, although I wish him well in this new season with Mercedes, I have had such a love/hate/love/hate/love relationship with him that I’m done. 

So that’s it, my Formula One heart is set.   Whether you are a Red Bull fan, a McLaren, a Ferrari or a Lotus fan, I wish you all a fantastic season.  I think we’re going to have a good one.