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2 March 2018

7 of the Coolest Wall D├ęcor Ideas

When it comes to interior design, there’s no doubt that it’s a delicate art form. It takes a keen eye for trends, and how to effectively use a space to its full potential. One key element of any room is its walls. The colour acts as a background to allow your furniture and accessories stand out. However, your walls don’t need to just be a background – they can easily be transformed into the room’s main event. Here’s 7 of the coolest wall designs to give you some inspiration:

1. Wood Feature Walls
Often create by laying wood flooring across a wall, this is a style that looks amazing in both contemporary and traditional homes. Due to its durability and vast range of styles to choose from, it’s a popular choice for both longevity and appearance. When paired with wood flooring (that’s actually laid on the floor), it can make a room look much; laid vertically it makes a room appear longer, whereas horizontal wood on the walls gives the impression of a wider space.
2. Wall Gallery
If you’re a big admirer of art, or have a particularly big collection of family photos that you’d like to showcase, an eclectic gallery wall might be the way to go. By contrasting colours you can draw visitors’ eyes to its busy design. Alternatively, going for a more unified colour scheme will make the design flow easier, and almost merge all the features into one singular piece of art.

3. Patterned Textures
There’s so much scope for originality on this one, and the only restriction is how wild you’re willing to go with it. From extravagant textures to simple and unified patterns, differing texture sad depth and character to a room’s design – and it can have an explosive effect even covering a small part of a wall’s total surface area.
4. Mirrors
It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book; hand a large mirror, and the space will instantly look larger and more spacious. This can be achieved through one large mirror, or a more decorative approach of hanging a number of smaller mirrors. They also help to bounce light around the room, making the space brighter and more inviting.

5. Tapestry
A good quality tapestry can make a world of different if you’re looking to make a statement. There’s so many design out there to choose from, it should be an easy job finding one that fits with your existing style. You can go for full wall coverage, or hang it like a piece of art as a commendable wall feature.
6. Photo Splitting
If you’ve got a particularly large piece of art that you’d like to showcase, or a huge photo you adore that you’d like to take centre stage, then splitting that photo can make it have even more of an impact. Bearing in mind if you’re doing this with art, expensive original pieces are officially excluded from this one! The split in the image warrants a second glance by visitors, and prevents it being overlooked as just another colossal hanging frame.

7. Patterned Wallpaper
Although this has been around for decades, there’s always a place for good patterned wallpaper when it comes to interior design. Foliage themes are very trendy right now, and the light colours draw the eye more than just a brightly coloured paint would.

10 March 2017

Competition Time!

I think that Spring may be my favourite time of the year.  Daffodils are my favourite flower so when they start popping up in people's gardens everywhere, it always makes me happy.  

When the sun is shining and the flowers are all coming out, it always makes me long to live on the coast.  To be able to go to the beach on a sunny day or just take a walk around the coast line whenever you felt like it would be just wonderful.

I visited Cornwall as a child many times during Spring and Summer and I always thought that at some point, that may be the place that I might finally settle.

It is from Cornwall that I bring to you today a competition to win a vintage style,Cornish art print from the wonderful John Dyer Gallery  

The John Dyer Gallery is predominantly an online gallery which is run by husband and wife team John Dyer and Joanne Short.  Clients are also able to book private appointments with the artists to view their work or alternatively attend their public exhibition openings.  The gallery represents the work of three of Cornwall's most established and acclaimed contemporary artists.

The John Dyer Gallery was established in 2005 and has had working relationships with The National Trust, The National Maritime Museum, the Eden Project and many more around the world.

The prize today is to win a framed vintage style A3 print from any of the pieces featured in the link here  The competition will run for two weeks and the prize will be forwarded direct to the winner.

*Competition rules
UK entries only
The prize must only be chosen from the link as mentioned above and not from any other part of the site.