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15 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother's Day around the corner on the 26th March, now is the time that I start to think about what I want to buy my lovely mum.

I try as much as possible not to be predictable when it comes to gifts for my mum.  She always tries so hard each year for my birthday and Christmas to come up with a surprise that it is only fair that I reciprocate.  

Whilst I will be buying my mum a Pandora charm for her bracelet (which by the way I think are a total waste of money, as you are just buying for the name, not for the quality), I want to find a little something different that she was not expecting.  I do not care how much money I spend on my mum, as long as she loves it, that is the only factor.

Here is what I have found:

A Weekend Bag from MooJoeGifts

This bag is an absolute steal at £12.50.  My idea would be to put another gift inside, perhaps a restaurant booking for the two of you for somewhere amazing or perhaps a weekend away.

A Family Tree £14.99

My mum, like all mums, is all about her family.  I think that this is a lovely gift to give and would look lovely in a bedroom setting where she can look at the photographs every day.

Image result for the book of everyone

The Book of Everyone £29.95 (Hardback version)

This book is personalised to the year of birth and is so easy to do.  You are able to personalise most pages and include images.

Finally, the most important gift of all, your time.  

Calling just to say hello and have a chat, not because you feel obliged, but because you want to.  A mother daughter day out with a lovely lunch, a glass of wine (or four) and a lazy afternoon of chatting and catching up.  A mother and son afternoon tea or perhaps a wander around an art exhibit or museum.  Something that she will enjoy.  Although spending time with you will be the best part.

We only get one mum, lets make her feel special.