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7 June 2017

I've Had It, Just Vote!

So.  This is a ranting and yes, most probably patronising and frankly you may think "she is a bitch"post in parts, but honestly, I have fucking had it with some people.  (Yes there will be swearing too).

I have officially had enough with pussyfooting around non voters and the undecided.  It is election day tomorrow.  You have had since the 18th April to look at the information, decide between the parties; if you haven't decided by now, what the fuck have you been playing at?

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I am tired of being people's research assistant in comment sections.  I am frankly pissed off by this point of people saying that they aren't sure and want more information from people.  It is the eve of the election, what have you been doing?  

This is not just about bloody Brexit.  Yes, we are leaving. I voted remain but the two main political parties have agreed to go forward with it so I have to deal with it. This is about so much more than Brexit, if you bothered to look. 

I am sick of people reading things like the Daily Mail and deciding on their vote based on that.

Think I am biased against Daily Mail readers?  Well, yes, I have to admit, I am.  Just read the vitriol in the comments sections.  I am the Guardian reading lefty that they love to hate.  The difference being, I have done my bloody research!  I have read papers from every side of the argument, yes including the Daily Mail.  I have read the manifestos.  I have watched Question Time for months.  I have watched the questions and answers programmes to the leaders (not debates as Theresa May refuses to debate!!!).  I have gotten all the information I could, which has backed up my choice of whom to vote for.

To the people who have decided not to vote: 
Yes your vote will be a difference. 
Yes it does matter who you vote for. 
No they are not the same.

What I share below is unbiased fact of the main policies of the two main parties.  Yes unbiased.

Goodbye NHS. If the NHS goes private (as the Tories want and have investigated into), you will suffer. Get pregnant? Prepare to pay thousands.  Check out this link for more information. Free at point of access for the working only.  Elevated costs.  

Goodbye winter fuel and the triple lock on pensions. Goodbye free school meals for children which in some cases means they are losing their one hot meal a day.  Nurses are going to food banks.  I will just leave that bit there for you to ponder.

Security of this country is not properly staffed or funded.  The police warned Theresa May two years ago that she was sacrificing the country's security by getting rid of 20,000 police officers.  She called it scaremongering.  We have had three terrorist attacks this year in this country with proof in each that the attackers were reporting many times to security services but lack of resources meant that the reports were not properly looked into,  Theresa May has been Home Secretary/Prime Minister for SEVEN YEARS.

Free education including university tuition meaning more people who want to get a university education but could not afford it, will be able to. 

The NHS  will be properly funded.

More police. 

Big business taxed properly. 

Read the manifestos or if you can't be arsed, listen to the bloody news. 

I have had enough with this "I don't know/don't care" attitude. It fucking matters. People are dying under austerity cuts.  Dying cancer patients are having their benefits removed.  Look at the info, make up your mind, get off your backside and VOTE.

Watch this NHS pediatrician sob at the reality of the NHS and tell me it is not your responsibility to fucking vote. Sod "your country needs you to vote".  YOU need to vote for yourself.

RANT OVER. Now go, vote.

22 May 2017

Please Register To Vote

Today is the last day that you can register to vote.  It takes five minutes.  This has not been so important for many a year and hence the reason why I am writing this post today, along with many other bloggers under the hashtag #NotThe33

In the last election in 2015, only 66.1% turned out to vote.  That means that 33.9% of the population left the state of the nation to chance and other people's voices and opinions drowning out their own.

There are a lot of people who are not interested in politics.  They think that whomever ends up in government will be mostly the same as any others; so why bother.  I used to be one of those people.  But then I started reading the occasional news story and my response was an ever increasing "What the hell?  WHAT THE HELL?"

I started to read more and more, looking more into the views and stances of the various political parties, especially given the rise of UKIP and I found myself becoming more and more political.  When the BNP had political aspirations it was laughable.  Everyone knew that thugs were not going to get into parliament, even with my knowing at least one person who had voted for them.

But then UKIP emerged with the odious Nigel Farage pegged as "the working man's politician" and everything changed.  Although UKIP are not a party that will gain anything meaningful in this election, many of its voters have moved to the Conservatives.

I am not going to tell you how to vote or even ask you to vote for one party or another.  All I ask is that YOU VOTE.  We are now into the two long years of negotiations for Brexit and we need the right party there speaking for us.  But this isn't just about Brexit.  This is about the lives of the British people and those who choose to come to our country to work.

It was not a requirement in writing this post to share who you are voting for.  But I am happy to share my particular vote, which will be Labour.

While I am not a particular fan of Jeremy Corbyn, I believe in the policies that Labour have put forward in their manifesto.  I believe that Labour are for the people, all of the people, unlike the Conservatives who are blatantly for only for the rich.

I cannot vote for a party that want to continue the £9000 a year tuition fees for students.

I cannot vote for a party that want to take pensioner's winter allowance away from them (plus how much is this means testing going to cost? That has not been specified)  One Daily Mail reader suggested putting hot water bottles next to windows??

I cannot vote for a party that want to take away free school lunches from pupils who for some, is the only hot meal they have that day.  Any savings gained by offering breakfast is laughable considering that schools will have to employ more staff and pay more hours in order for this to happen.  Which comes of their ever decreasing funding.

I cannot vote for a party that want to reinstate fox hunting.  A blood sport where foxes are ripped to pieces for people's entertainment after hunting them to exhaustion.  There is no argument that justifies this.  

I cannot vote for a party that wants to make the elderly pay for their own care, after their death by taking their houses.  What happens to the many family members who move in with their relatives to provide that care and then have nowhere to live?

There are many other examples but frankly, we would be here all day.

You cannot look at this election and think only about immigration, which I know is a factor for many.  But the truth of the matter is that we need immigrants.  As one example, we do not have enough doctors or nurses.  FACT.  The Conservatives have already taken away nurse's bursaries enabling them to study and don't get me started on how they treat our doctors.  EU Immigrants put 20 billion more into the system than they take.  FACT.

But regardless of what you think of immigration, this cannot be your own only reason for voting.  Look at the manifestos in their entirety or even just the main points.  The most important thing is to VOTE.