13 October 2021

Designing Your Bathroom To Fit Your Life

I still remember my family's bathroom in the mid 1980s.  A tiny room that had atypical of the period avocado green bathroom suite crammed into the small space.  The bath was functional, but not somewhere you could lie back and relax and the hair washing facilities were either in the form of leaning over the bath with a jug of water at the ready, or an unreliable rubber tube that you attached to the taps.

Size aside, it was pretty much standard for bathrooms back then.  Luxuries did not need to extend to bathrooms.  

A house move gave us a slightly bigger bathroom, upgraded down to a proper shower, albeit whilst standing in the bath.  I used to dream of a huge bathroom with a bath and a separate shower.  A double sink that had storage facility for my makeup.

Modern living has opened up and redesigned our bathroom spaces and depending on the size of the room, you can have anything that you want.  I am still dreaming about having a double sink one day however.

As our lives become busier and our working hours longer, what people frequently want out of their bathrooms is practicality, mixed with luxury.  The invention of luxury shower cabins have revolutionized bathrooms and given us all the speed of a shower but with added luxuries that make all the difference.  

When my partner and I renovated our bathroom last year, one thing that we both wanted was a high tech shower cabin that combines both functionality with luxury add ons that make showering an enjoyable experience.

You can now invigorate yourself with music in the mornings thanks to Bluetooth, allowing you to connect your phone and play the music of your choice while you shower (90s dance is my preference).  Things like mood lighting can also help to inspire your mood.  

Looking at Insignia Steam Showers, you can even have aromatherapy steam in your shower to calm and relax you, readying you for a good night's sleep.  

Added accessories such as shower seats can add to the experience further.  From the practicality of sitting down whilst shaving your legs to simply luxuriating in steam after a stressful day at the office whilst listening to calming music (Chopin's Spring Waltz is a favourite of mine).

What is your dream bathroom?

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