9 August 2018

3 Good Reasons to Collect Jewellery

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People collect all kinds of things, from stamps, to old coins, knives, pocket watches, and beer mats. Oh, and, of course, also jewellery.

Society tends to frown a bit on people who are constantly buying jewellery — it’s often seen as a sign of an obsessive-compulsive shopping disorder of one variety or another.

A bit disheartening, no? But what if there were actually some good and compelling reasons for collecting jewellery, and not even feeling ashamed to admit it?

Well, here are a few such reasons.

Its value increases as time goes on

As a general rule of thumb, anything that improves in value the longer you’ve held onto it, is a winner, or is at least worth feeling somewhat positive about.

It’s unlikely that your collection of old beer bottle caps is likely to become significantly valuable over the years, perhaps unless they’re about 50 years old, and a whole subculture of beer bottle cap collectors has grown up around this particular brand and their quirky, discontinued, bottle cap designs.

Jewellery, however, typically increases in value predictably, kind of like property, with the market for retro and vintage jewellery being rich and dynamic, and with quirky pieces from even a few years ago often being very popular with the right groups of people, who would often pay good money for the sake of getting a hold of them.

And, of course, if you wanted to take a long-term view of things and consider what your jewellery could be worth decades down the line, maybe as a family heirloom, well — just do a quick Google search to see the cost of high-quality jewellery from the ‘60’s.

Jewellery allows you to easily express different aspects of your personality

Jewellery may not be “practical” in the immediate kind of way that a computer, or a screwdriver, is “practical”, but jewellery can nonetheless fulfil various important roles in your life and give you an ongoing sense of joy and satisfaction over time.

Specifically, jewellery allows you to easily express different aspects of your personality, via your appearance, and makes it easy for you to accessorise any outfit in order to blend together different motifs.

Belly bars gold, for example, can be great for when you’re in a more sexy mood. A pair of pearl earrings may be just the thing for that formal ball you’re planning to attend, and plain metal studs may send a no-nonsense signal in the workplace.

You can easily pass it on or sell it if you ever get bored

The thing about jewellery is that pretty much everyone wants it, and it’s rarely too hard to get rid of. If, after a few years of collecting, you decide that you’re bored of all your assorted accessories and want to get rid of them… well, you can.

Many items of jewellery will sell on eBay in a hurry, while others can be sold to various companies and shops who specialise in reselling jewellery.

If you can’t, or don’t want to, sell it, but still want it gone, it’d be an odd day indeed if none of your friends, relatives, or acquaintances was happy to take it off your hands.

*Collaborative piece

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