4 May 2018

Traveling Stateside: American States For The Bucket List

Heading to the USA may seem like one of those trips that would be bucket list worth, wouldn’t you agree? With so many states and destinations to choose from, you could spend your whole traveling life visiting every inch of it. However, there are some destinations in the US that are worth adding to your bucket list and should certainly be high on the priority list for your future holidays. For different reasons I might add. So I thought I would share with you five of them now to get you inspired.


Maybe Florida is one to add to your bucket list and I can tell you that there are many reasons as to why you should have it on there. Not only do you have the fabulous Orlando, filled with some of the best theme parks in all of the world, but you also some of the best beaches around. Miami beach, Fort Lauderdale and The florida Keys will have you escaping your real life and relaxing into that beach vibe in no time at all.


Maybe California is the one, the sunshine state and the place where not only do youa have the home of some of the studies for the top filmes we see at the cinema, but you also have cities like San Francisco and the indi vibe that Santa Cruz can offer. Staying in places like the Hotel Paradox means you are closer to the action of this fabulous location. California has something for everyone, and many people consider a road trip of this state to take it all in.

New York

The state of New York has many hidden gems, but one of the most iconic places happens to be New York City. You can walk down the sidewalks of Manhattan pretending you are a star in the latest Sex and the city release, you can shop until your heart's content in some of the most iconic stores, or just take in some of the best views around on top of the empire state building.


There is one thing for it when it comes to Nevada, and that is the adult sin city of Las Vegas. It happens to be on many bucket lists already, but as it might not be in yours, I thought I would include it in this list anyway. Seeing the sights and sounds of the lights and grandeur that is the Las Vegas strip, betting a bit of money on the roulette or slot machines, or just enjoying cocktails around the pool or taking in one of the famous residency shows. It really is a fun holiday to have.


Finally, we have the state of Texas and it really has a lot to offer in terms of a vacation. The musical capital of Austin has some of the best live music around, but there are also places such as Houston and Dallas that you can take in as well. Finally, if you like the chance to just sit and relax then you can people watch in the multicultural area of San Antonio.

I hope this has given you some food for thought for your next trip away.

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