6 January 2017

Vintage Jewellery Wishlist

Happy New Year to you all!

I cannot believe how quickly the Christmas and New Year break went; it seemed no more of a blink of the eye before I was back to work.

After getting thoroughly spoiled at Christmas, I have had a clear out of many things in my bedroom from unused products and makeup, to jewellery that I no longer wear.  

So what happens after a major clear out?  You have space to buy more and update your tastes.

After buying a vintage 1940s silver brush and mirror set from a recent 40's weekend, I have been lusting after everything vintage and vintage inspired.  This has particularly been taken up with my love for vintage and vintage inspired jewellery.

Here are some of my current favourites on my wishlist.

I love this necklace.  I would wear this with a black dress for a formal event but equally might wear it in a casual style outfit, a patterned t-shirt and jeans for example to change things up a bit.

I currently own this brooch and it is sitting pretty on my black boring work coat, giving it a little sparkle to combat against the black.

I absolutely love this brooch pin.  I am really getting into brooches at the moment and this pin could easily double up as a hat pin.  Perfect for these freezing cold months when we have a snuggy hat on our heads.  No reason why they do not deserve glamour too!

This Gatsby style bracelet is just gorgeous and I love the intricate detailing.

When it comes to earrings I like to make a statement.  These marcasite swirl earrings certainly do that and are really something special.

So those are my currently vintage inspired favourite pieces, what are you loving at the moment?

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