16 September 2016

Confidence is Key

This weekend I went to the Curve Fashion Festival.  I will be talking about that in a later post, but first, I wanted to talk about the plus size community as a whole and what you receive from it.

You start out, much like I did, by discovering plus size fashion blogs and positivity.  Slowly, your wardrobe changes, your confidence to wear what you want, not what you think you should wear starts to progress and take shape.

Along with finding confidence in myself and what I wore, along the way I picked up something else, courage.

The courage not to cross a road when you encounter a group of people, just in case they are mean to you.  The courage to go out and do something on your own, without having to have someone with you or needing to speak to someone every step of the way.

Before I found the plus size community, other than in my home town, I never went anywhere on my own.  I wouldn't say that I was afraid, more that I just knew that I could not do it.  I did not have the courage to take those journeys without someone being there.

I remember a couple of years ago being asked to go to an event in London.  It was the launch of new plus size collection in Soho and I really, really wanted to go.  But travelling to London?  Finding my way around on my own?  Staying over?  My courage disappeared.

So what did I do?  I looked at all the plus size bloggers, all those who inspired me in their confidence, their style, the way that they were not afraid to go out into the world and live it.  I took the inspiration they gave me and went to London.  I came back a different person.  They helped to create a new me.  A more courageous me.  Someone who was not afraid to go out there and LIVE.

Which brings me back to the Curve Fashion Festival.  After spending many hours in the company of amazing women, especially the wonderful Kate Willshaw and the fabulous Stephanie Cummings (thank you again for the phone battery charge!) I was left with a couple of hours in Liverpool.  What to do?

The old me would have gotten a taxi to the train station and stayed there for two hours.  The new me?  She went out and saw a bit of Liverpool.  In a bright yellow dress, enough red lipstick to last me a decade and a smile on my face; I headed out.

A stroll along the Albert Docks, The Tate, a pirate ship (sadly my damn picture didn't come out) and the Echo Wheel of Liverpool.  A wonderful day.

Lashes from Doll Beauty 


  1. I've seriously loved your journey, watching it from afar, and giving the tightest hugs when I did FINALLY meet you. You stunner

  2. This is a lovely post - I wish I'd been there now to meet everyone xx (and I love the baddass unicorn!!) :-)

  3. Awww, Vicky, thanks for the shoutout. You are one of my role models too, you were the inspiration behind my CFF outfit. So pleased you discovered some of the sights of Liverpool, it's a fabulous city and I love the docks area.

    Really hope to catch up with you soon. Maybe we should do a Saturday out in Manchester :)

  4. Firstly I'll start by saying that I'm so jealous you got to venture out and see Liverpool. I was there so briefly I only got the views from the taxi window. Secondly I briefly caught a glimpse of you and kicking myself I didn't make the effort to come and say hello. And lastly, I totally agree. I suffer with anxiety and the without the support of the plus community, I'd of been lost long ago!

    Sam x

  5. It was so nice to see you, I really don't see you often enough. Your welcome for the phone charge, I always try and take the battery pack so if you ever need it again at an event, don't hesitate to ask.

    I love seeing your confidence bloom and one of my favourite lines in this post is:

    "enough red lipstick to last me a decade and a smile on my face" You looked lovely and those lashes. ***Insert Heart eye emoji***

    Also thank you for the mention xxx

    1. You're welcome not your. I annoy myself putting the wrong one!! xx

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