10 August 2016

August Showers

A fact that is known to anyone saving up for something, be it a holiday, a present for someone or even a present for yourself; is that something unexpected and expensive to fix will always go wrong.

In this case, it is our bathroom.  We have had the same, small and increasingly tired looking shower now for about fifteen years.  One of those things that we should have changed out a while ago, but never got around it. 

Well, this is what procrastination gets you, because now we are told that the floor beneath the shower is sinking and unless we want to disappear into a hole in the floor one day, that floor, and consequently the shower needs replacing.

Can we have these one please?  Will only need a very large extension and about a hundred grand....

Our current shower is small, square and frankly not somewhere that you want to stand and luxuriate it.  As we do not have a bath, I think it is time that we put a little luxury back into our bathroom.  

I cannot believe how many options there are these days, not being one for going around bathroom showrooms (or inspecting people's bathroom fixtures); I was surprised at all the different options and sizes you can buy.

I have narrowed it down to these few options.  Lucky for us, my brother in law is a joiner/plumber/electrician extraordinaire so we can afford to spend a little more on the shower than originally intended.

I like the idea of the spacing with this shower.  With being a rectange it is much larger than the one we have now, but with the curved edge, it will not take up a massive amount of room.

I love this lovely large shower, but I feel unfortunately for our small bathroom it would take up more space than we have and the price is a bit on the steep side.

This quadrant shower is a little bigger than the one we currently have, but again with the curve it will save on floor space and is on sale with all the necessities included.

This is still a little more research to get done, but I think we are nearer a decision now.

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