23 May 2016

Working 9 to 5

I have a confession.  

I have an obsession about stationary; notepads in particular.  I must have around a dozen at home, all hardback and beautifully designed with thick, clean white paper within.  All unused of course, because I cannot bring myself to crack the spine or mar the paper with ink.  

When I want to actually write something down, I type it.  I am a freak, I know.

I think that it was the love for stationary and my penchant for typing everything that led me to have an office based career.  I am a 9 to 5 woman, but unlike Dolly Parton's song, I do actually love my job.

There are so many stereotypes about working in an office, some true, some not, but here are some of the tips and tricks for survival in an office environment that I have picked up over the years.

How To Get Along With Getting Along

There are so many different kinds personalities in a work place.  Some people may become your friends whilst others may drive you up the wall.  What is important to figure out is who you can trust and more importantly, who you cannot.

Stay away from the office gossip and stay out of any drama as best as you can.  There is no harm in keeping your ear to the ground, but indulging in office politics and disputes will not endear you to the management and is not conducive to a pleasant working environment.  

Get Comfortable

Most firms these days carry out Health & Safety checks in the work place, even at your desk.  Things like getting gel supports for your wrists whilst typing, having enough distance between yourself and your screen monitor and having a chair with good back support are essential.  Sedentary jobs can cause back issues later down the line so it is important to ensure that you are seated well and are fully supported.

Have Fun

Happy people make a happy office.  Arranging a social event with colleagues every few months can bolster work relationships and boost the office morale.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Working in an office environment can sometimes feel like living in a fish bowl.  Small day to day issues can be magnified and disputes can arise from the silliest of things.  The best tip I can give you for this is to keep your eyes on your own job.  If Brian from accounting is turning up late every day, that is his downfall not yours.

Do you have any tips for a office happiness?

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