30 August 2015

Fun in Blackpool

(Picture heavy post)

Last weekend I went away with my mum for a couple of days.  We both needed some fun time away so decided to have a mother/daughter weekend filled with good things.

I always say that my mum and I could laugh and have a good time wherever we happen to be and that was certainly challenged when we arrived at our hotel to find that it was a country and western themed weekend.  Both of versions of hell!  Typical of us however we managed to have a laugh, whilst being completely mystified by the stony faces of the line dancers.  I thought dancing was supposed to be fun!

Anyhow, we had some fun things planned, the first of which was a trip to the +The Blackpool Tower ballroom.  Here was my outfit, planned with a little vintage edge.  The dress is from Simplybe from last year and the shoes are from Joe Browns.  The bag is a charity shop bargain from Barnardos.

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-11-16-11-526_zpsojrusrep.jpg

Here are some pictures that I took at the Tower Ballroom, including the delicious afternoon tea for two which was exquisite.  I highly recommend a visit, I paid £37.00 for two which included a table for two around the edge of the dance floor.

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-22-42-288_zpsom7chb8u.jpg
Me and my beautiful mum

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-25-59-669_zpsv7bv5n98.jpg

Four types of sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam and cakes 
(plus a cheeky glass of wine)
 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-02-34-822_zpsimuyouga.jpg

A quick photo I managed to get of the stage between dances

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-03-50-542_zpsnhoesnot.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-22-12-04-19-037_zpshwlwvmpz.jpg

Now at this point my post goes slightly awry as I had some lovely photographs of my outfit later that night at Cats with some pictures of the amazing stage but unfortunately, my SD card decided to eat them.  So I have recreated my outfit for you here.

My dress* is from the Scarlett and Jo collection at the House of Fraser and is currently on sale for an amazing £20.00.  Although I usually size down for Scarlett & Jo dresses, I went for my usual size in this one as the dress is lined.

I love the ribbon tie detailing and the textured print of the prom dress.  The length, although isn't shown on the website, I would guess at around 42 inches as it lands just below my knees and I am 5ft5.

I felt like a princess wearing this dress and recreating the outfit, I still do!

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-30-15-09-41-560_zps0vw9dbcq.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-30-15-09-12-174_zpsuaewzibe.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-30-15-08-09-442_zps9kixmwuv.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-08-30-15-07-40-073_zpsvlij8iwj.jpg

So that was my weekend, hope you enjoyed yours! x


  1. You look stunning, and I love that dress! xx

  2. Looks like a fantastic weekend, and that Scarlett and Jo dress is fabulous xx

  3. The blue dress is so beautiful, you look absolutely amazing! xx


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