4 June 2014


I was recently told about a new fashion search website called Fashiola   Now usually when I hear about this sort of website I immediately discount it as I have been used to these sort of search engines previously which have either had no plus size section or alternatively a very limited choice.
In this case however I was given the website information from a PR whom I have worked with regularly so I decided to check it out.  What a pleasant surprise it turned out to be!
The site is well set out and easy to use.  As well as being able to search for clothing there is also a handy discount code section and another which shows the current trends for 2014.  Additionally there is a style book section where you can browse through collections that people have put together or alternatively make your own.
The main feature of the site enables you to search for fashion, shoes or accessories in womens, mens and childrens sections with brands available from sites like BooHoo right up to D&G and Alexander McQueen.
The search facility gives you many options in order to filter down exactly what you are looking for.  I was searching in particular for a dress for a wedding and found that it was very easy to navigate. 

I am happy to report that the plus size community have not been an afterthough with this website as with so many others.  There are at present over 1400 items of plus size clothing in the women's section which is very impressive but I also found that there were many more items available without having to pre section the plus size option.  I searched in the main section for dress in a size 24 and it brought me over a 1000 options!
Here's what they have to say about themselves:

"We’re excited to have arrived to the UK and into such a strong online fashion market. The strength of our brand is evident in our fantastic fashion brand partners in the UK. There are thousands of online fashion shops, but how are shoppers able to search for a particular piece of clothing quickly online? We have solved this problem by giving a complete overview of all brands, prices, styles and availability of the goods in the correct size and for the best price in the market.
Have a look for yourself!
*Although I was given the information about this website I was not asked to write about them and was not paid to do so.


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