6 May 2012

Chirpy People are Psychopaths - Discuss

I'm not going to lie.  I'm in a foul mood that I can't seem to bring myself out of.  Writing usually helps so hence, you're getting this post and if you are reading this now, you have been warned, foul mood = evil pouring on to the page.

So basically, I am just going to bitch about things that irritate me.

Morning people.  I don't understand them and I really don't like them.  Actually I should qualify that.  Your regular John Doe of morning people I can tolerate, just, however chirpy morning people, well they clearly have something wrong with them.  

Not being a morning person myself and being frankly dangerous on the wrong side of 10.00am, I could happily throw things at the chirpy morning person.  There is a chirpy morning person in my office and there have been many staplers thrown at her head, although thankfully just in my mind and not in reality, I might get arrested for that.

Chirpy morning people brings me on to chirpy happy people in general.  I am not saying that there is anything wrong with being happy, but no one, and I mean no one is happy 24/7.  You show me someone who is happy, chirpy and cheery twenty four hours a day, seven days  week and I will show you someone who is mentally unstable.

I do not trust people who are smiling and cheerful all the time.  I honestly believe that there is something mentally wrong with them.  Purely of course on the grounds that they irritate the fuck out of me and at times, like now, I can be a complete bitch. 

I do actually feel better now I've wrote this.  I feel a little more cheerful haha 

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