23 July 2011

Have a Little Dignity

Today, those, my thoughts are with Amy Winehouse, and the tragedy that has occurred in Oslo.
Amy died today from apparently a drugs overdose, which sadly is not surprising.  Her death is a tragedy, but it should not overshadow, although I bet the tabloids and “celeb” sites and followers will talk about it more, the unbelievable news  of what happened in Oslo.  One famous person dying should not overshadow the death of 91.

The thought that made me write this blog today however is this.  Death is not funny.  You can make jokes about anything, and I for one am a fan of the more sarcastic humour.  I love the jokes that sometimes should not be made but are funny, but I would never joke about, or laugh at, a joke about someone’s death.

Someone, somewhere is a relative, a loved one, a friend of the person you are joking about.  It is  bad enough that they have to suffer the person’s death, without having to experience crass, distasteful and horrible jokes and jibes about the death.

Coming from someone who has lost people dear to me, the grief that you go through is horrible.  Hearing someone joke about your loved one, whatever they were, is beyond cruel.  Compassion costs nothing.  People should have a bit more dignity and humanity.

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