28 October 2015

From Paris With Love

When at home, I spend a great deal of time in my bedroom.  It is the place I go to relax, sleep (obviously) and watch television.  My bed is also my blogging office and my reading hub.

You would think that with this in mind, I would have decorated it with my personal taste and comfort in mind, but somehow; that has never happened.  My carpet didn't match my curtains, nor did my bedspread most of the time either.  My chest of drawers were peeling away on the top and my wardrobe was half inaccessible due to my bed.  It was lived in but not what you would call decorated.  I decided that things needed to change.

It started with a sign I bought from my homeware store which is practically a haven of all things decoration, called The Range.  My decided upon theme of 1920's Parisian style came from the pink vintage perfume bottle as pictured below.

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-25-11-34-42-082_zpscyyrutfy.jpg

Next I spotted a gorgeous Paris themed clock, bought for a bargain price of £12.00 from the same homeware store.

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-25-11-35-34-733_zps33wbyhff.jpg

What you really want in the Autumn/Winter months is something to cuddle up with.  As unfortunately you cannot go out and purchase a man, instead I decided to get this Paris themed throw * from Zazzle.  It is a great size and has such intricate detailing.  Not only does it look beautiful laid out on my bed, it is also warm and soft; perfect for wrapping yourself up in on a cold night with a good movie.  (I have put Vin Diesel on back order).

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-27-20-35-56-461_zpscaviptau.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-27-20-36-29-990_zps10fhohou.jpg

My tired old chest of drawers with the peeling away top has now been brought back to life with a french patisserie themed sheet (wallpaper thickness) which can be easily glued down,  I cover both of my drawers with this and it worked wonderfully, breathing new life into old furniture.  The coverings cost £3.50 per metre.

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-27-20-35-31-630_zpskdu3cst1.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-27-20-35-19-682_zps8hrji634.jpg

I finished my restyle project with a antiquey (is that a word?) looking mirror, bought for the bargain price of £20.00 as above, and a Parisian scene of a couple in love (whom I have named Marc and Sophie) which I found in the Boundary Mill Store for £25.00.

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-27-20-36-49-637_zpsmzcxzsle.jpg

All in all, I am very happy with how my room has turned out.  With buying things gradually it has been lovely to see the room slowly taking shape and finally looking like a proper bedroom!

* Denotes gifted item

13 October 2015

Layering Up for Autumn

Autumn.  The time of year when the weather likes to play tricks with us.  It could be freezing cold in the morning, only for gloriously warm sunshine to appear in the afternoon.  We dress for one type of weather and on many occasions end up getting another.

So how do we combat this mercurial weather?  The answer is layers.  A mix and match combination of your Summer and Winter wardrobe that will work with any weather combination.  For me, as always, that starts with a dress.

I am still clinging frantically to all my Summer dresses, not yet willing to give them up just yet to be packed away for next year.  So at the moment, my go to combination is a light summer dress, with a cardigan, tights and ankle boots.  Whether the day starts cold and goes warm or visa versa, the outfit can be adjusted to suit the temperature.

Here is what I was wearing today:

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-10-16-50-18-508_zpsypeujwb3.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-10-16-49-16-336_zpsk1bb0jru.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-10-16-43-53-432_zpsghc10gnf.jpg

Floral Print Sleeveless Dress *
Black cardigan - old
Tights - New Look
Flat Ankle Boots *

I have to make a special mention of the boots that I am wearing in these photographs as they are an absolute bargain at £19.99 and are so comfortable.  Your foot is completely cushioned and it feels like you are wearing slippers.  The dress is also a bargain at £19,99 and can easily be worn with sandals for those warmer days.

8 October 2015

K.Jacques Sandals

As I write this post, the rain is pouring outside and the weather forecast is miserable.  Last week though happily we had a few lovely sunny days and it gave me the chance to test out my new sandals from K.Jacques

K.Jacques is a family run business in France that create bespoke sandals to your precise specifications which sell all over the world.  K.Jacques have had artistic collaborations with the heights of fashion such as Givency, Karl Lagerfield; Balenciaga and Helmut Lang; to name but a few.  So when you create your own bespoke sandals, you know that you are in great company.

I was given the chance to create my own pair of sandals, which is something I have always wanted to do.  

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-18-10-125_zps0bqdnytg.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-18-19-098_zpsbyvf4s0i.jpg

The first step is to chose your style of sandal.  I went with the Buffon style with a combination of black leather and Dover Capri leather for a touch of sparkle.  Once you have submitted your design, this is sent off to the design team who come back with a picture of your chosen sandal, sometimes with a suggestion of an added element or design.

Once you have agreed your chosen design, the next step is providing them with a hand drawn outline of your feet so that they can create the perfect fit for you.  This is especially great for me as I have a slightly wider foot, somewhere between an E and EE so finding fashionable sandals is usually a bit of a challenge.

One week later and my beautiful sandals arrived on my doorstep, with a bag to keep them in to ensure that they stay in great condition.  The leather is luxuriously soft and the sandals fit me perfectly.

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-27-01-519_zpstk2rstan.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-28-28-502_zpstblequh7.jpg

 photo 1-C360_2015-10-04-17-27-16-730_zpsworrp9za.jpg

Being bespoke and handmade they cost a little more than your usual sandal purchase, but for a pair of sandals that fit like a glove, are soft to the touch and are designed to your precise specifications; the money is worthwhile.

With the weather turning to rain and cold I may not get another chance to wear my sandals now until next Summer, although with our changeable climate, I could be wearing them again in blazing sunshine next week!

*These sandals were gifted to me but all opinions are, as ever, my own.