18 April 2018

The things you need for an organised home

 Keeping your home organised and in order is an ongoing battle that we all face on a daily basis, but just following a few simple tips can ensure that your home is clean and clear.

Having an organised home can take a bit of effort, but keeping it this way can work wonders for your wellbeing.
These are our tips for ensuring that your home is always organised.

Keep the hall clutter free
Walking into your home that’s filled with bits and bobs in the hall is not going to give you the right mindset for the rest of your home.

Keep your hall free from clutter and think about storing coats, bags and umbrellas somewhere else. Or if you have the space for it, invest in some sort of storage solution that can keep regularly worn jackets and shoes in.

Could a letter rack make a difference too? Instead of just piling them up, sort them into levels of importance so they’re not chucked into the drawer and forgotten about.

Organise your book shelves
When was the last time you looked through and sorted your book shelves? Taking the time, even just once a year, to have a clear out and sort things out can make a big difference. Donate the books you aren’t going to read again to a local charity shop, or even just ask friends if they’d like to read them too. Recycling your books is great for the mind as well as helping to keep your shelves free from books you’re never going to read again.

Keep essentials out of sight 
Household essentials like mops, vacuum cleaners, irons and ironing boards should have a designated place in the home that is stored away neatly and tidily. Don’t leave them leaning against the bedroom wall or in the corner of a room, instead ensure that you find the space to keep them tucked away.

No dark corners
Everyone wants a light and bright home, because dark corners are areas that it’s easy for clutter to culminate. If you do have dark spaces in the home, ensure you have plenty of functional lighting in your rooms to guarantee that there aren’t any dark spaces where clutter and unorganised mess can gather. First Lighting has a huge range of functional lighting that is smart and stylish for your home.

Make use of storage areas
Cupboards in the home are a god send for storing the things we really need, but don’t necessarily use all of the time. Keep your storage areas clean and clear and ensure that you know exactly what is in them at all times. That way you won’t have anything in there that is of no use now or in ten years time. Once a year give it a little clear out and make sure it’s tidy and free from useless items. Having some practical lighting in these spaces is also a good idea to ensure that you can see exactly what is in these spaces.

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