6 March 2017

Reality TV - What Would You Do?

I have a bit of a confession to make.  I am a bit of an addict when it comes to celebrities and reality TV. 

Previously I have always ended this statement by saying "But I don't watch the soaps" as a way of counteracting my bad television watching but hey, aren't we all allowed a guilty pleasure?

I think the thing with reality TV is not to take it too seriously.  Every year I watch the XFactor, which has its predictable bad acts, funny acts, the acts that you know shouldn't go through but do and the ones with actual talent.

Every year is the usual outcry as the token act gets further and further through the stages of the competition, with outcries of "It's a fix!  I'm never watching again!".  Yet as always happens, the token act gets voted off, the person who should win comes second or third and the winner most of the time disappears into oblivion, with a few rare exceptions.

Yet you always watch again,  It is simply pantomime with Simon Cowell pulling the strings and the viewers as his puppets.  It should be taken for which what it is.  Entertainment.

Many of the scripted reality TV programmes like Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex provide great cannon fodder for the other reality TV programmes like I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and The Jump.

I love to watch them in the jungle carrying out their various trials, all led by the public who pick the one that they want to tease and torment, choosing them for trial after trial.  It is interesting to watch, both seeing how much a star is really prepared to go through to earn their fee and the way the public decides to vote.

Does anyone remember when Natalie Appleton was on I'm a Celebrity?  Completed unsuited to the jungle and unable to do the trials, the public of course put her through the ringer and she eventually quit the show after being subjected to five trials in a row.

My new favourite is The Jump where the stars risk life and limb, literally, as they progress through the various different skills.  I'm not sure that I would have the courage to be doing half of what they put themselves through which raises a question; what amount of money would entice you to do it?

I was recently reading UnRealityTV (ok, ok I may be a little obsessed) and saw that Cash Lady had done some research into just that subject.

It was revealed recently that Channel Four spent 75 million to poach the Great British Bakeoff.  Reality TV is big business and the TV networks are prepared to hand over the cash to get the stars that they want on their shows.  

Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea got a rumoured £300,000 to appear in I'm a Celebrity (that went well didn't it!).  An incredible figure for someone who started on a reality TV show himself.  By the way, did you know Made In Chelsea is coming back soon?

Then you have the Olympic winners who compete on shows like Strictly Come Dancing.  Claudia Fragapane danced her way to a paycheck of £100,000 where as sporting legends such as Chris Eubank was paid £200,000 on I'm a Celebrity.

Even people who are only famous by association can end in on the act.  People like Grant Bovey who is famous for nothing more than being Anthea Turner's ex husband cashed out with an incredible £100,000.

It all comes down to the paycheck.  How much you would have to be paid to eat bugs in the jungle or risk injury on a ski slope.   

Would I take £100,000 to appear on one of these shows?  It is a large amount of money to turn down.  Just maybe.  Would you?

*Collaborative Post

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