10 November 2015

If the Bra Fits, Wear It!

One question I see asked time and time again is where can you find pretty, fashionable bras for larger sizes?

This is a question that I have asked myself many times in the past.  Trying to find a bra in the right back and cup size that does not look like something my grandmother would wear has, in the past, been akin to finding the holy grail.

Thankfully, times are changing.

I recently came across an online store called Lingerie by Victoria Encouraged by my own name in the title, I did my usual bra search for my 46H and was pleasantly surprised to find some glorious bras in bright colours and lovely patterns.  Here are a few of my favourites from the Goddess and Elomi ranges:

 Goddess Kayla in Bella Black £36.00
There are also matching briefs available at £18.00

Elomi Caitlyn Bra in Chambray Blue £38.00
Matching Briefs £20.00

Goddess Kayla in Black Leopard £36.00
Matching Briefs £18.00

Goddess Kayla bra in Turquoise £26.40

What I love particularly about these ranges are that there are usually matching briefs to go with the bras to make a full set.  I will never understand why more brands cannot do this as it is only common sense that most women would buy a matching set, I certainly do.

I decided to go for the black leopard print Goddess bra * and was happy to note that the colouring and pattern were just as vibrant in real life as in the photographs.  The bra is very comfortable and easy to wear.

The straps on the Kayla bra was just wide enough to give comfort without being cumbersome and unsightly.  The gore sits flat just as it should and I feel very supported, with the back of the bra sitting flat and straight on my back as it should.

For those of us with larger back and cup sizes it is especially important to get the fit right.  If you are spilling out of your cup, if the back closing is riding up your back and if the straps are digging into your shoulders, these are all signs that you are wearing the wrong bra.

I would recommending using the Butterfly Bra Size Calculator to accurately ascertain your correct size.  Do not always presume that an instore bra fitting will be correct.  If I had listened to Marks & Spencer for example I would be wearing a bra two back sizes too small and three cup sizes to small to boot!

*Denotes gifted item


  1. I wear Goddess bras and they're so comfortable, and wash and wear so well. I love them. xx

  2. Like the first one :)
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    Maria V.

  3. I love these, especially the first set! Finding bras that fit, and are also pretty and affordable is a nightmare! One day... xx


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