22 July 2015

A Glamping Good Time

I have recently seen in my Facebook timeline a couple of friends who have attended Beatherder.  I have always wanted to go to a festival but there is always one thing that stops me.  The camping.

I am not the "throw me in a sleeping bag in a cold tent and I'll still have fun" kind of woman.  I am the "enjoy a festival but then get me a warm hotel room and a big bed" kind of woman.  Up to now, it has been never the twain shall meet.

In the past few years however there has been a solution that has arisen.  Glamping.  Camping, but with a few necessary (ok not necessary but much appreciated) luxuries.  Be it in a tent or a camper van, adding a comfortable mattress or blow up bed, a few cushions, some throws and blankets (you can find some gorgeous ones here ) and maybe a cocktail shaker (or two!)would definately entice me into the great outdoors!

Glamping essentials

All life's essentials!!

At the moment my beautiful green flowery tent and blow up bed  have languished in the garage, unused and unloved.  Perhaps I can embrace glamping and get my festive on!

*Written in collaboration with the House of Fraser, but my thoughts as ever are my own

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