29 May 2015

Plus Size Promises

Taking inspiration from Katt at A Curvy Cupcake, the lovely Debz has organised for us to do a Plus Size Promise Blogger Challenge in which we each makes promises to ourselves for over the Summer.

Here are mine:
  • I promise not to put a cardigan over my dress unless it is actually needed for warmth.  My arms are a part of me and I chose not to hide them anymore.  

What I realised the other day is that one thing that can happen in life is that you can pick up other people's insecurities.  You watch others hiding a part of their body because they don't want it to show, and as a result, you take up the habit yourself  without you even realising it.  The habit of "cover it up" is passed down via family, magazines and society in general.  This needs to stop. 

It is exactly the same with the word fat.  It has been used for so long, by so, so many people as an insult; that it has changed its meaning.  It is time to reclaim the word.  I am fat, I am not an insult to society.

  • I will no longer let it slide when people use language that sounds nice on the surface, but really is just a veiled insult that for the most part, they do not even realise.  For example telling someone that they look "better" in a different outfit.  Translation: you look thinner in it and no one wants to look fat.  Balls to that.  I wear what I want.

  • I will actively encourage body positivity in others and will not let self negativity go unnoticed.  We need to raise each other up, not encourage self doubt.

The last promise I will make to myself:

  • I will dance.  The side of the dancefloor is not where I want to be.  I will find the courage to go back to where I used to love (more on this in a later post).

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  1. Great promises! I have also decided not to cover my arms unless I'm cold. And I'm going to wear shorts although I dislike showing my thighs. The summers in my country are short and I'm not going to waste the few warm weeks we get! Have a great summer xx

  2. Great blog! I have also promised not to cover my arms unless it is cold!

  3. Love this! And hell yes to the dancing x

  4. These are lovely promises ... specially the dancing one - who doesn't love a good dance?

    C xx

  5. Yes to all of this! I've still got such a complex about my arms, and haven't found the confidence to bare them in public yet. I'll keep them covered even if I'm boiling hot, and for what? In case I offend a narrow-minded stranger's eyes? Stupid, right? I think I'll take a leaf out of your book and try to work on it this Summer. xx

  6. I love all of these promises!


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