8 December 2014

Here's What I Would Spent

The lovely Dez from WannaBePrincess recently posed a question:  If a brand stocked everything in your size, what would you have spent?

This poses an interesting question as there are always items of clothing that I want to buy but unfortunately the brand don't stock them in my size.

Debz suggested that we each do a post featuring a different brand each month and showing them what we would have spent if our size had been available.

This month we have Missguided

Here's What I Would Have Bought

Lace dress
$55 - missguided.co.uk

Long sleeve dress
$24 - missguided.co.uk

White tee
$55 - missguided.co.uk

Lapel blazer
$47 - missguided.co.uk

Gray coat
$3.12 - missguided.co.uk

Violette Blazer Dress Black
$55 - missguided.co.uk

Moxie Crepe Boyfriend Blazer Mustard
$94 - missguided.co.uk

1 comment:

  1. Great selection and I love this challenge - I hope it makes retailers sit up and realise the demand for their clothes to come in size to meet everyone!

    A jean day ... a curvy girl's review of her new skinnies ...



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