1 July 2014

Plus Confidence

Confidence.  You can always tell when someone has confidence and when they don’t.  The way they carry themselves, whether their gaze meets yours; the clothes they are wearing.   There are also two types of confidence: confidence in who you are as a person and body confidence.  It is perfectly possible to have one without the other. 

I have struggled with both for many years and it is only in the past two that I have found my inner confidence and with found strength that I didn’t even know that I had. 

There was a time when I would walk down the street with an inner monologue of “Please don’t look at me”.  My life then was full of insecurities and an innate need to blend into the background.  Looking back, I was in the passenger seat of my own life which was being driven by fear and inhibition. 

The confidence in the person that I am came first.  I have always had “an opinion” but was scared to voice it but writing my blog and joining Twitter helped me to find my voice and now you can barely shut me up when I feel passionate about a subject.

 I also pushed myself to do things that scared me; with small steps at first by travelling to Manchester to meet a girl from Twitter whom I had never met before and slowly this progressed to taking a trip to London on my own for an event which utterly terrified me.  I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again now though, as with each thing I did, my confidence grew.   

The body confidence went on a similar path except that it grew one dress at a time.   I gradually found out what my style actually was once I stepped away from the entire wardrobe full of black.  I love bright colours, strong patterns and touches of vintage styling.  One of the best parts of my day is opening up my wardrobe and seeing the sea of colour and vibrancy. 

I also learned the fashion rules are there to be broken.  As long as I love it I wear what I want regardless of the rules against patterns and high necklines.  My new confidence has shown that the way in which you carry yourself in your clothes means just as much as the clothes themselves.

 So here is my confident and favourite photograph of the moment, complete with the busy pattern and high necklines that society tell me I shouldn’t wear.
 photo favouritepicture_zps71db1e9f.jpg

I have written this post today in connection with Plus Confidence in You:

Plus Confidence In You’ is working on creating an explosive, eye opening, breath taking art exhibition which will be held in London later this year. The artwork will be of plus size women and we mean real plus size, not the U.K average size 16. The women are from all walks of life excluding professional models who are sizes 18 - 30 and are providing stunning artistic images to be marvelled at.  The art we create is just that, ART body confidence movement.

  You want to lend your support then you can go to kickstarter and pledge some money to help make this event happen https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1764174458/definition-of-size .


  1. A lovely post and I love that dress on you. x

  2. You look absolutely stunning and I'm so happy that you've finally found your confidence. :) xx


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