21 June 2014

Shop Your Stash

Welcome to the Shop Your Stash Challenge. This is all about finding a gem in what you already own and creating a blog post on it. This is to let go a little of the stress that comes with being a blogger - even if it is just once a month. Rummage through your beauty products and climb through those clothes draws. You might surprise yourself!

I have had a massive clearout of my wardrobe and shoes recently so when I came to this month's Shop Your Stash challenge I have an item that I found somehow stuffed at the back of a drawer which I had completely forgotten about!

I bought this dress a few years ago from South at +Very.co.uk and it has good memories for me as it is one of the rare coloured dresses I bought back then.

I don't have anyone to take photographs for me today so the pictures aren't as I wan't them but here they are anyway.

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