25 March 2014

Just Another Blogging Challenge

"Something about yourself that we don't know"

This month’s challenge was a hard one for me as I share most things about myself on this blog, especially in the early posts.

One thing I don’t think that I have really talked about here is my job and how I came to be where I am so that is what I have decided to tell you about today.  I am a legal secretary/assistant.

I didn’t go down the education route.  That is to say upon leaving school at 16 I did actually go to college but after a few months it was obvious that I had made the wrong course choices.  Rather than get stuck on a path I quickly realised I didn’t want to be on, I made the decision to leave. 

This quickly led to my being taken on for my first job, as an office junior at a small firm of Solicitors.  Although not the most fun of jobs, it was the perfect one for a 16 year old and the first step on the ladder to improving my position.  In the most part my job was making cups of coffee for everyone in the building twice a day, answering the phone; filing; photocopying; running errands and delivering post.  What I absolutely hated though was the hour a day I had to spend in the dark cellar or the creepy, cobweb infested attic sorting out the archaic file archiving system.  I felt like a hard done to eighteenth century maid!

Crawling around attics aside, I found that I liked the legal industry and decided to forward my career in this field.

Over the years I made my way through being an office junior to a junior typist and then upon moving firms I ended up working for a newly qualified solicitor.  I have stayed with him over the years until such a time as he is now a Partner in the firm and I am his secretary/assistant.

I work in the personal injury department and we are soon making a transition into working with Social Services which is going to be a big change. 

I never imagined myself as being a legal secretary when I was at school, but my quirky love for stationary; combined with my love for organisation and the fact that sometimes; you can really make a different to someone’s life for the better has taken to me to where I am today.

I have never been career driven.  As long as I am happy in my personal life and my work is something that I enjoy, I am content.  I work with some fantastic people whom I have known for many years, I enjoy my job and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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  1. This is a lovely post, nice to read a bit of background. I feel you don't have to be career driven just happy enough at work, cos I would really struggle to get up every day to do a job I didn't enjoy. Do I remember rightly, you started a distance learning course?

    Hope your well, Clar


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