14 October 2013

Stick & Stones

I have to talk about this.   A rant is needed.  What about?  The horrible hashtag on Twitter: #FatShamingWeek

All week I have seen disgusting tweets designed to hurt, shame and attack women.  I nearly broke my computer screen in rage when looking at the website Return of Kings whose idea kick started the hashtag.  Thankfully, I was also pleased to see a lot of backlash on Twitter from a lot of people who like I, thought that the whole thing was disgusting.

Although I retweeted a few comments from people during the week, I refrained from commenting.  Ordinarily this sort of thing I wouldn’t comment on.  Too afraid of being targeted myself or stirring the pot I would normally watch in disgust but say nothing.  Then on Sunday night I saw someone in my timeline, a beautiful, confident and inspiring woman I may add, being attacked by one of these cretins because she promoted body confidence.  How bloody DARE you!

I sent her a message along the lines of “Ignore, they are just pathetic trolls” and copied the instigator of the tweet in.

Here are a few snippets of what I received back from various sources.

Today I look in the news and I see the vitriolic Katie Hopkins, again spouting her venomous bile about fat people or in this case, fat children.

What is it with these people?

It is NOT ok to target anyone in order to hurt, shame or abuse.  Nobody has the right to tell you what you should and shouldn’t look and what is “acceptable” in their eyes to look like.  But lately it seems that it is happening everywhere.

From the fat shaming week on Twitter to pictures being posted on the internet of people with crude and malicious comments written over them to simply people on the street or even your friends saying rude things. 

Emma of Meet the Millards has posted Are You Happy Being Fat Then? this week after a friend said something unacceptable to her.  Last week I had someone whom I met recently ask me if I was “stuck with my body” or whether I simply ate far too much.  Oh yes, I replied, I eat all the pies.  What else can you say?  Apart from being just as rude back which I wouldn’t deign to do.

What strikes me from all of these situations is that every one of the people who say these things think that it is perfectly acceptable to do so.   It isn’t. 

So to those who post “shaming” comments on Twitter, to those who shout at people in the street; to those “friends” (thankfully never any of mine) that say “You’ve got such a pretty face, if only you lost weight”; to anyone who think that they have the right to tell you how they think that you should like; I have a message.

·                     Every single person on this planet is different from the other and that is a GOOD   
·                     If you want to judge anyone, judge yourself.
·                     If you think that a fat person is unattractive, don’t date one.
·                     If you think that shaming a fat person is an attractive quality, you’re wrong.  Your attitude is
·                     It is not big or clever to take delight in ridiculing someone else. 
·                     If you enjoy hateful behaviour, you are probably hateful yourself.  You might want to do
                       something about that or nobody really will want you.
·                     If you don’t care that what you say hurts someone else, I suggest that you see a psychiatrist.

Have you experienced any body shaming this week?


  1. We all do what we can to keep our spaces safe, don't feel bad for not getting involved for fear of backlash! I love this post though! :)

    1. Thank you :) It is hard to come out of your safe space, but I can't stand to see others harassed like that.

  2. Unfortunately I really don't get Twitter at all, but am assuming that this #fatshaming is about naming and shaming fat people on the internet?? If so, what is the bloody point in that?

    Are these people that thick that they do not realise that fat people actually know they are fat? Do they think that by letting us know that we are fat, we are suddenly going to stop eating, start exercising and become thin - as we all know we couldn't possibly eat well and exercise and still be fat surely? Or will be so shocked to discover that other people think we are fat, that we will simply hide away in shame for the rest of our very short lives??!!

    Why on earth does it matter to complete strangers if somebody is fat? How does it effect their lives? Why would my fat bother somebody so much that they would take the time out of their clearly perfect and full lives to discuss it on the internet??? I really just do not get some people at all!!!

  3. I think that there are a lot of angry people about and they vent this anger is weird ways, usually by attacking others. These bullies gang up on others, they have no empathy yet say something about them and they can't handle it. When I was a youngster I was extremely thin and went through a similar experience, strangers would feel free to suddenly comment "Aren't you thin!!!" So I can empathise with you. By the way - I'm no longer that thin!

  4. I'm sorry you've had some flack from entitled people who are deluded enough to imagine they are OWED slimness from women. When they see women who dare not to sing from the patriarchal song sheet, they get all butt hurt.

    I know above all else being a fantastic person matters. The kind of 'people' who feel the need to bring others down in this way aren't happy. No one who's happy feels the need to make total strangers feel shit about themselves. It's cowardly and pathetic.

    Go you for facing up to them. You rock. x

  5. I just find this beyond comprehension, why does anyone think it's ok to shame anyone else on the basis of how they look? It's just sad and pathetic and usually done by people with little self esteem.

    I'm fairly lucky that I've not received a lot of negativity on the basis of my size, although a female colleague did tell me on a recent night out that I "didn't dress like a fat person" I'll take it as a compliment I guess! x

  6. I have no idea what's going on in the heads of these people. Why must anyone do a shaming week for a group of people (which is growing because there specifications of a skinny body is unrealistic). Put that crap they tweeted you in the (imaginary) trashcan, block them and life your live in your beautiful body. ♡

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  7. I'm so sorry that you received those horrible tweets, and I hope you didn't take them to heart. You're worth so much more than them. I will never understand why people are so anti fat, to the point that they even spend their time online sending out comments and abuse to fat shame people! Who does something like that completely unprovoked?? I guess it's much easier for them behind the safety of a computer screen, but I guess many of them would have no problem treating people the same way in person, either! It's disgusting. What sad lives these people must live. All I can say is, bullies like this must have issues with their own self-esteem and own body image, and follow the crowd to feel accepted and powerful. I feel sorry for people like that, who get their kicks from giving out verbal abuse. I don't care what size a person's body is, I judge people on their character, and all I know is I wouldn't want to know people who bully and shame others for the size of their body. And I'd rather be fat than an asshole! xx


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