26 June 2013

Cover Girl??

Rewind back a few (ok a lot of) years ago and you would find a 6 year old little girl saying "Mummy, am I pretty enough to be a model?".  Like all mums, my mum replied "Yes, of course you are!". 
Ah to be that age again when if your mother says you are pretty, then that is the definative answer.  No thoughts of "well she had to say that, she's my mother" or "Well so and so thinks that I am ugly" or "Well they say I'm too fat to be a model".
Back to present day and I'm a legal secretary, not a model.  I'm too short, too fat and don't have a gorgeous symmetrical face (wonky eyebrows).  It doesn't bother me, I am who I am and that's fine with me.
When I saw the competition held by Evolve Magazine recently though, looking for someone to be on the cover of their plus size fashion magazine, that little 6 year girl was jumping up and down in my head shouting "Enter it! Enter it!"
Not being one to ignore the voices in my head, I thought about it and decided why not.  I would LOVE to be on the cover of a magazine.  Should I not enter because of all my old insecurities?  Hell no.
So here we come to the reason for this blog post.  I've entered the competition via the Evolve Magazine Facebook page with my photograph below.  All I need now is for people to like my entry.  All you have to do is go on to the Facebook page for Evolve Magazine, find my picture and like the entry.  That's it.
There are loads of gorgeous girls who have entered the competition and to be honest, the fact that any plus size girl would be on the front cover of a magazine would be absolutely amazing, but I would be even more happy if it was me.
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