28 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge - Day 5


Today - 6 places!

1.    Wherever the people that are close to me are.  As long as I am with someone I love, or people that I care about, it doesn’t matter where I am.  The people make the place special.

2.    New York – probably an image more constructed in my head (and Sex and the City of course).  I see New York as a magical place where anything could happen; or as Alicia Keys sings “A concrete jungle where dreams are made of”.

3.    Alcatraz, San Francisco – the place has always fascinated me and one day I would love to go.

4.    London.  I may be a small town girl but my heart beats to the drum of a city and London is where I would chose to live.

5.    Lancashire – where I come from.  I love straight talking people and you always get that from people in Lancashire.  You might not always agree with what they have to say sometimes, but they will always be honest.

6.    Tiger Temple, Thailand – My favourite animal without a doubt is a tiger.  I’ve seen various different documentaries about the amazing work at the Tiger Temple and it is a place I want to visit before I die.  Preferably before I get so old and frail that the tigers decide to eat me.



  1. I think we all love New York because of Sex and the City!!! xx

  2. Alcatraz is pretty cool. I tend to go off season (I am lucky I live in the Bay Area)as during the busy months the ferry boat sells out. The Rock is free but the ferry ride there is like $20.


  3. I adore London, and New York, too. My sister and I recognised so many places in NYC because we'd seen them on SATC. Haha! It's even more magical than it looks on TV. I'd love to see Alcatraz, as well. It sounds fascinating xx


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