20 February 2013

Encouraging Spring

The sun was shining gloriously this morning, I'm not sure where it's gone now. 

The sun coming out always inspires me to dress with bright colours, so I've snapped my work wear outfit today!

 photo IMG-20130220-00110_zps5ecc4ea4.jpg
Tunic from South at Very
Cardigan from Ebay
 photo IMG-20130220-00107_zps1ab25d4f.jpg photo IMG-20130220-00121_zpsd65a0694.jpg

 photo IMG-20130220-00113_zps4592a1d1.jpg
Does the weather inspire you with colour?

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  1. We have still snow here so … no, no spring-colors yet. *sigh*

    The dress looks beautiful and makes a nice decollete. Like it. x0

  2. I've just heard we have snow forecast for the weekend so we are not in the clear yet. Thanks for the comment on the dress, it's becoming a favourite of mine :)


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