19 June 2012

No Regrets

People sometimes ask me if I regret not going down the university degree route.  The honest answer is no.  I made my decision at that time, and if I could go back, change my mind and do things differently, I wouldn't.

After leaving school I ended up working at a local firm of solicitors as an "office junior".  For those unfamilar with the title, read coffee making, filing, running errands etc.  Whilst this general dogsbody job wasn't my ideal, it paid a wage and was something to tide me over until I decided on what I wanted to do.

The debate of whether to go to college was settled with the lure of regular money that, however little, was a temptation that my 16 year old self did not resist. 

Over the years I, thankfully, progressed from making the coffee up the scale, until I reached where I am today.  I am a legal secretary/PA for a senior partner in a large law firm.  Whilst my job isn't going to change the world or make me a lot of money, I'm happy.

I've put the time in over the years and whilst some may look at me and say "She's only a secretary", I don't mind what I am.  I have worked steadily and full time since the age of 16.  I've stayed with the same firm since 18 and have been with my boss from the time he qualified as a solicitor to now, a senior partner.

Do I wish I was in his shoes?  No.  He puts in long hours, has large responsibilities, and sees less of his family than he would like.  Me, I earn a decent (ish haha) amount, I work 40 hours but most importantly, I'm happy in my life.

I see people all the time, both strangers and people I know personally who have done the education route and are nowhere or not in their studied for career. 

In these days of unemployment and the scarcity of jobs in all sectors, being employed in a job that you have chosen and enjoy is a good thing, degree or not. 

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