14 February 2012

The Defection

I’ve had a mobile phone since I was around 17, so, bloody hell, about 16 years.  That makes me feel old.

At first there wasn’t much choice with your mobile.  They were all of the brick type, the most exciting thing on them was playing “Snake”. 

Now of course, mobile phones are practically a laptop in your pocket with practically any functionality you want available at your fingertips.  Phones have become not just a way to contact people by phone and text, but now you can do practically anything you want on them.

Typically, the mobile phone has become both a status symbol and a fashion statement.  The first mobile I remember having that was the “in” thing at the time was the Nokia 3210.  It was to be fair it was a good little phone, the battery life lasted an eternity and it was practically indestructible, lasting the years between 18-20 with no damage.  This could not be said for the majority of phones today.

The next statement phone was the pink Motorola Razr.  I don’t remember it having anything amazing in the function line, but it was a flip phone and it was pink and I loved it. 

Those two are the only phones I remember, pre smart phone, as being phones that I really loved.

My first foray into smart phones lead me to the Iphone 3G.  At the time, I fell completely in love.  The touch screen, the apps, the easy connection to the internet and emails.  I was a true Apple fan girl and a vocal advocate of it.  I rarely had it out of my hand and to be fair, in the most part, the things I loved about it then  are still things I love about it now.  I would still always chose an Iphone over an Android.

Now however, be it getting older or just knowing exactly what I want from my mobile phone, I am tempted, in fact, am going to defect from the Apple family.   The truth is, I miss the clickety click of a keypad.

So this time, instead of going with the latest wonder child, instead of going with what is the most popular, instead of going with what people think I should have, I am making my choice on what I actually want.

My search criteria was a keypad but some touch capability, easy connection to internet and email and connection to the Apps I use on a regular basis.  I counted up the Apps I currently use and when I did, I wondered why I was still with Apple.  I have barely left the first page screen.

My search lead me to Blackberry.  The 9900 seems to have everything that I want in a mobile phone, and more.  I’ve heard all the stories about Blackberry, including the battery issues.  Considering however that I have had to do a full charge on my Iphone twice a day for the past 9-12 months, this really isn’t a big issue for me.

I always thought of Blackberry as being purely a business phone.  The firm I work at in fact all use Blackberrys.  But on looking at the things I use, phone and text obviously aside, typing on the phone still represents 80% of my usage be it emails, Twitter or drafting a blog post.

Everyone has their own camp when it comes to smart phones and each are passionate about their particular brand.  To be honest though, I don’t care.  As long as I get the functionality I want, having done the research so I know what I am getting, who really cares about what people think?

So next week, am making the move.  I will give it a month and then you will either get a post on how much I love, or hopefully not, hate it.  Time will tell.

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