28 October 2011

Lions & Tigers & Bears Part One

I was talking to someone today about the recent events in Ohio.  They know me as an animal loving person and someone who is quite vocal and opinionated about animals right, and conservation.

So they were surprised to hear me they that I didn’t blame the sheriffs for killing all those animals.  So here’s my explanation.

You can’t blame the sheriffs for what they did.  They were dealing with 49 exotic and mostly dangerous animals, suddenly let loose, in the dark.  They to ensure the public were safe.  There obviously was not, and you can argue why would there be, a plan already in place to deal with something like that.

With that number of animals, dealing with creatures who you don’t know how they will react, who are scared and disorientated with their surroundings, which makes them even more dangerous.

Frankly, I am amazed that they managed to find, and kill/capture all those animals so quickly, without lives being lost.  Because they did save some.

No I don’t blame the sheriffs, I blame the law that allowed a private citizen to keep wild and exotic animals.  One who is in this particular case had had numerous warnings and visits about his animals, and who had spent a year in jail.

I just hope that if nothing else comes out of this, that the law is changed and the animals currently “owned” are removed from their owners.

Part Two deals with the other question I was asked, about what I think should have happened to the animals if had they been taken off the owner before this tragedy occurred.  

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