7 September 2011

Places I want to go - Part One

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller 
A little bored tonight, so decided to write down some of the the places I want to visit.  No particular order.

One of the places I have wanted to go to ever since I heard about it is the Tiger Temple in Thailand.  

The story as I have heard is that a baby tiger was first taken to the temple when poachers killed it's mother.  From there the temple has taken more and more tigers in, showing them to the public now in order to expand their area and in time, being able to improve conservation by releasing tigers back into the wide.

Seeing such good work, being in Thailand, see tigers which are by far my favourite animal, I can' think of anything better.

 The Louvre
I have visited France several times, but have never managed to make it there.  The beauty of the architecture alone, the famous pyramid is enough for you to walk to visit, let alone all the amazing paintings, objects and exhibits you can get it to see.

I don't imagine that this is a place that you could visit and properly appreciate and explore everything in one day, you would need at least a week!

That is two for now.  Will use this as a continuing theme.  Good for when you have nothing to do and no subject in particular you want to talk about!

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