20 September 2011

Horror - Books v Movies

If, like me, you love a good horror, you will undoubtedly have been disappointed by the horror movies over the recent years.

I look back to my childhood and remember watching the horror movies of the day, Child’s Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, to name but a few. Watching them back now though in later years, they have all made me laugh rather than scream.

When I read a book I put myself into the character’s perspective. I immerse myself in the story line and imagine the places, characters, scenes etc. I think that therein is the problem you have with horror movies.

Because nothing on screen can be as scary as the things you imagine in your head.

Reading a horror book and imagining what is happening I compare to when you were a child. When you knew for certain that the monsters under your bed were real. That the shadows in your room really were moving and coming to get you.

Now as adults we know that there is nothing under the bed, no monsters coming to get you, that there is nothing evil in the dark. But reading a horror book opens your mind back to that time when anything was possible.

Horror movies, in general, just don’t cut it for me. The characters don’t seem real enough, the monsters/demons/ghosts will never match up to the monsters I have imagined in my head when reading something. Is everyone like this or just me?

The one movie that sent me running for the light switch in the middle of the night and, in fact, made me weigh down the end of my bed was The Grudge. That is the only film I have seen where the scary things on the screen have matched what I would have envisaged. Even writing about it now sends a shiver done my spine.


If you are not a horror fan, I may have scared you with this post, but to be fair, the title should have warned you :)

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