25 September 2011

Funny Team Radios

This isn't a blog today as such, rather instead I have compiled a collection of amusing Team radios over the years, from the funny to the more controversial.  I do not own the rights to or any of the material in any of these videos, am just collating together for amusement!

1.  Before Webber had to be a little more polite about Vettel.

2.  Felipe Baby - Now a famous clip, perhaps a pre cursor of tantrums to come given the events that happened today.

3.  Jenson in a rare stressing out moment on team radio.  I DON'T KNOW!!!

4.  Robert Kubica - Ring Ring!!

5. Lastly, a compilation of funny Team Radios.  My favourites, Oh Deer and a shitty little bastard ;)

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