30 July 2011

Formula One

When it comes to Formula One, I can’t say that I have been a lifelong fan.  I remember my dad used to watch it when I was little and I used to say”What’s the point?  They just go round and round in circles….”

Then three years ago a couple of good friends at the start of the season bribed me into watching the first race.  They loved F1 and wanted me to as well.  Right there, in that first race, a true love was born.
I had heard of Jenson Button before, in fact had seen him on Top Gear, saying that he would exchange everything he had if it meant him winning the world championship.  Watching him through the season, learning about and researching (after the passion and obsession took hold) previous seasons and learning the drivers, some whom I would grow to love, and hate (Vettel, undeserving champion in my opinion and Alonzo, arrogant ass), was amazing.

F1 took me in it’s grip and I have never missed a race since.  Jenson winning the championship, Massa with his “White visor white visor” classic moment, Lewis, cheering for others when at the back and then winning a race, Webber’s “Not bad for a second driver” comment at Silverstone, Alonzo getting stuck behind Petrov and shouting at him after the race, the monumentally awesome Canada race of Jenson winning…. I have cried for them, I have laughed, I have cheered and I have screamed.

So today, the news of the BBC/Sky collaboration was devastating.  I can’t afford Sky.  Although we still get 10 races, highlights from the other 10 just isn’t going to cut it.  I heard a rumour, which probably isn’t true, that the 10 missed races may be shown, but delayed.  I would take that.  I would even take adverts.

Once a true love is born, nothing can stop it.  I love the sport, I love the drivers, the ones I love, and the ones I hate.  The passion of F1 is something that takes a hold, and never lets go.  The combination of Jake, Eddie and David, the surprisingly winning combination of David and Martin is golden stuff.  I for one always get a tingle in my spine when “The Chain” starts to play.

So everyone cross your fingers, pray to the F1 gods, that we get the other races back, even if they are on delayed time, because unless you are watching, feeling the momentum and cheering your guys on (Lewis and Jenson for me, with a eye on “Koboysmashi” ), it just isn’t the same.

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