23 February 2011

Love of My Thirties - Finally

Have decided that in a lot of ways, I love being in my thirties.  Not something I thought that I would say, especially considering the overwhelming dread I had about turning 30.

The thing is, still being single aside, living situation aside, the thing that overtakes all the regrets, is how I feel now.

I have always felt a little, well in truth more than a little lost, but in my thirties, I finally feel like I am starting to know who I am, what I am, and more importantly, I like who I am.

I have a confidence in myself now that I never had before.  I have the confidence to say my opinion, have an opinion without being scared to say, instead of as in the past, hiding what I thought and agreeing with the other person for fear of being disliked.

Some people might say I have too much of an opinion now, I can be judgemental sometimes, although never of the ones I love.  I have a core sense of what I believe in now, things that I strongly believe in, and I wouldn't change for anything.

Realisation is a wonderful thing, and I bloody love it.  I am living again, not surviving under pretense.  

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