28 February 2014

You Never Bring Me Flowers

You Never Bring Me Flowers


Flower print seems to have taken over my life lately and I seem to unable to buy anything that isn't covered with flowers.  The prints are definately busier for the Spring/Summer which I am loving.
Above are some of my favourites that are around at the moment.  I couldn't resist adding the Matthew Williamson one in there, it is divine.
Opening my wardrobe at the moment is a little like falling into a flower garden, but then, after so many years of wearing all black, these floral prints are making me very happy, which is the point isn't it?
Hope you are all having a fab Friday xx

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  1. Great selection! I really love the ASOS sunflower print dress, and the Scarlett and Jo prom dress, but they're all so pretty! I do love a good floral print! xx


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